“Gag on it, love, you know I love it when you gag. Within a moment she was sauntering across the living room floor to where he sat on the couch, dropping obediently to her knees between his legs. Maisie’s hair was drenched, clinging to her back. To feel the weight and power of it in her hands sent her over the edge. — TO BE CONTINUED — Celebrity Babes, Famous Babes, Hot Celebs, Sexy Celebs Our latest celebrity babe content can be found in the Celebrities category in our new magazine format. That’s all it took for his cock to stir once again. He flicked at it with his tongue and her whole body shuddered in response. He couldn’t help but grind his hips slightly, fucking her inexperienced hand as their eyes remained locked to one another. Maisie loved every second of it, the way he used her, the way he didn’t treat her like a fragile little angel, the way everyone else in her life did. Once his cock looked like someone dumped a bottle of baby oil all over it, Maisie was satisfied yustman dating. Maisie continued fucking her throat with Tom’s cock as he managed to break away from tasting and worshiping her dime-sized asshole to suck on her oozing cunt. Maisie let it drop to the floor without resistance, and her firm, perky young tits didn’t move an inch. She was such a sexy, raven-haired little nymph at her core, and it was never more apparent than when she pranced around freely in her bra and panties.

In these moments she was purest, his lover and his whore, and she lived for the way he used her. “Mmm…now it’s time I cleaned my mess, don’t you think Tommy. I promise I’ll be quick, plus, what better way to test your new lipstick than to have it smeared messily all over my cock. He knew she had more than likely just shaved, and the thought of that hairless, fresh little plump cunt underneath created a pleasant tingling sensation that washed warmly over his cock and balls. He wrapped his legs around her head and really started fucking her face, within two minutes of all-out, aggressive skull-fucking his balls were pulsating and he knew he was going to cum. That sultry, English accent of hers never got old, especially when she was being naughty herself. He licked his lips absent-mindedly, like a child in a candy store as he studied the perfect, tiny pink nipples crowning her pert mountains. He managed to slip his index finger free and massaged it’s slick, cum-covered tip against her tiny, wrinkled butthole yustman dating. He felt his cock twitch and throb up and down at least 20 times, each thrust sending a monster rope of cum into her mouth and throat. Maisie scooted forward, inching as close as she could to him without getting in his lap. ” Now, some may look at Maisie and be deceived by a quick glance – but make no mistake, she simply dresses conservatively – the girl is developing quite the rack. Her full, proud tits restrained only by her bra were staring Tom right in the face. Her eyes were fixed on his the entire time, something he taught her – she knew to never break eye contact with him while worshiping his meat.

Her pussy juice felt amazing slathered all over him and when she needed more, she simply reached back down into her panties to collect more of her sweet nectar to smear all over his cock. He leaned in and brushed his nose against her rosebud, sniffing her sweaty hole as his cock surged and throbbed in Maisie’s mouth. Meanwhile, she had reached down and undid his belt, loosing it before unbuttoning his pants and breaking the kiss to pull them off..
. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. The feeling of his cock against her sent goosebumps forming all over her young, perky breasts and he was in another world of pleasure. Maisie thrust her head down, getting her head between his thighs and nuzzling her face into his boxer-clad cock and balls, breathing in his manly scent and rubbing her pussy through her panties at the same time. You know, girls are just tougher and stronger. ” She looked up at him, half innocent and half a woman in charge of their collective sexual pleasure and needs. He could feel her placing passionate, desperate kisses all over his swollen ball bag and further up, as she paid worship to his bulging cock through his underwear, her lips leaving little wet spots on the fabric. She tasted so fucking good there, such a deliciously stinky, sweaty little asshole. Tom’s cock was straining against his jeans at this point. She moaned, loving the pseudo-degrading act. .


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